Algebra Games


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Check out some other Pre-Algebra and Algebra games click the picture below

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6th Grade Business Plan


Brain Pop Video: Supply & Demand

What is the Work You CAN’T NOT DO?


Answer the following questions as a 1-page long journal entry. If you choose to answer the following questions in essay-format, you will get a double grade (extra credit).

1. What is the work you can’t not do ?
2. How do you plan to implement the work?
3. Why is it needed in your community?


Our Academic Coach of the Week, Anthony!

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Why Are We Learning to Code?

All our Coding lessons will be stored on the CODING LESSONS page.

Special Performance: Cup Song with Gayland (7th grade)

VEDA #4 Cup Song and My Students from Vimeo.


Revolutionary Intelligence

Revolutionary intelligence being displayed by our sixth grader, Salah!