This page is a place for students to find information about class work, for student and parents to share ideas, and for supporters to follow the progress of our class.

Hello Scholars, throughout the year you might want some extra help in our math enrichment class. Here are some ways to use this blog.

#1I want some extra help on my homework.

Solution: Click on the “Online Resources” and select math games, videos, practice problemsor chapter notes

#2. I was absent and don’t know what happened in class!

I don’t remember what the hwk was!

Solution: Click on the “Class Documents“. You will find the syllabus, hwk assignments, study guides, etc.

#3. I want to know when the next test or quiz is.

Solution: Click on the “Class Calendar” and look at what we’re learning.

#4. I would like some extra practice before a quiz or test.

Solution: Click on the “Online Resources“,  select math games, videos, practice problemsor chapter notes 


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